This Little Girl is a four piece Rock 'n' Roll band with a difference in that it is formed of one family. Keri Blackwell (aged 20) on Drums and Vocals. Charlie Blackwell (aged 23) on Piano, Sax,  Vocals and Accoustic Guitar. John Blackwell (Electric / Upright Bass & Vocals) who is a bit older and dad Nigel Blackwell (Lead Vocals & Guitar) who is considerably older still.


This Little Girl was created when Keri made many spot appearances with the band 'One For The Road' which ran very successfully for many years with Nigel, John and family friend and professional drummer Steve Nichols, then more recently Charlie.  It was suggested that a new band should be formed with Keri solely on drums.


Since the birth of the band in early 2008, This Little Girl has had a busy time with many varying venues from band stands to concert halls.


The band has gone from strength to strength - mostly due to the fact that none of us like watching TV and so spend most of our spare time playing music together....



The original name 'This Little Girl' was changed to 'This Little Girl And The Dillicats'. The reason for this change is that Keri is now not quite so little any more (boo hoo) and so as time progresses we need to keep up. So for the moment  she is still our little girl but in time she will also be a Dillicat


Please check out our forthcoming events list. We will be appearing in an event near you! Please pop along to see us, I'm sure you will enjoy it.




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What is a dillicat?

We have been asked the question 'What is a Dillicat ? So here goes:-




Habitat – Normally found on relatively high ground in an area close to the south eastern coast of the UK although may be temporarily spotted in other areas particularly late in the week. Dillicats © prefer warm climate but can sometimes be caught enjoying a wet weekend. However during persistent periods of foul weather will migrate to a warmer clime.


Social habits – Normally very sociable particularly when approached in a friendly manner. Likes being made a fuss of and may remain still for a tummy rub if the Dillicat© considers the approaching human to be suitably attractive and not a potential threat. Will normally accept food and drink but may be wary if a previous encounter has not been made. Loves music and may move about in a dancing fashion should he find the beat acceptably good. Tends to run away and hide if exposed to ‘rap’, ‘disco’ or karaoke. The Dillicat© will possibly be violently ill if he comes in close contact with humans singing in a strange voice whilst wearing brightly sequined white jumpsuits so this type of encounter should normally be avoided.


Working – Will normally be found in groups of three male Dillicats©, two of which will generally make preparations and arrangements for logistics, building of working environments and subsequent removal of same whilst the third will generally rest, feed or simply get in the way. They are generally accompanied by young female human who they will allow to believe is being of some use. They do however always treat the young female human with some trepidation as she does not always fully understand their ways and is very easy to offend. Under normal circumstances though they make a good working team.


Guidance – Dillicats© have to be led and organized by an older human as without same would not be allowed to enter some of the human environments that they enjoy visiting and working in. This human will normally be referred to as a ‘bradley’.

A ‘bradley’ is a very knowledgeable human who spends probably 90 % of his time organizing Dillicats©.


          **EDIT** -- The above section is a nod to Pete Bradley who managed us for eight years until

                                 his passing in 2016. RIP mate.


Appearance – Dillicats© are probably amongst the most attractive creatures that a human will ever encounter. They will keep themselves clean and tidy although the elder Dillicat© will sometimes have to assist by reminding them not to leave their old skins laying where they have been shed. Generally speaking the young female human will clear up after them should they all leave a mess.


Food and Drink – Dillicats© are particularly fond of fresh meat, fish and salads. If none of the above is available they will eat pretty much anything that is digestible except vegetables. Drink wise they enjoy plenty of liquids but it is probably better not to allow them too much liquid in any one go as they can get very noisy and out of hand in which case they may be heard to shout loudly Do I Look Like I Care A Toss (D.I.L.L.I.C.A.T.) which can prove to be distressing for the young female human.


The entire working group as described above is more commonly known as :-


‘This Little Girl And The Dillicats’.